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We understand that everyone wants your money. There are literally thousands of non-profit organizations, causes and needy situations that could benefit form your donations. We are will not only appreciate your donation, we will put it to use exactly how you want it to be used!

We currently have 4 funds  that you can donate to that benefit specific groups and/or used is specific way


Because Animal Shelters and Animal Rescue Organizations are on the front lines of caring for needy animals we do everything we can to support these groups! Currently we only have 1 event, the Doggie Dash, to fund raise for these amazing groups. You can donate money directly to these fund here: 

Cooper Dog Park

Bartlesville’s own Cooper Dog Park has become a major animal and owner social hot spot! Although the City of Bartlesville owns the park, Bark Park Buddies is contracted to care for, up grade, and maintain the park. Recently with the addition of Lee Lake (home to the Doggie Dash), Cooper Dog Park is now connected all of Bartlesville via the Path Finder Trail. To donate to Cooper Dog Park, via the Canine Carnivale, please click here: 

Needy pets

Occasionally, pet owners can not afford medical bills for their pets. Arrowhead Charities Assistance Program is here to help. If you would like to donate to this fund please donate here: 

General Fund

As a 501c3 Arrowhead Charities overhead is very small.Our General Fund is used for our website bills and the few annual state/federal certification bills that are required. Thankfully we are able to utilize hosting and advisement help form an outside source. If you are interested in donating to our General Fund please clinic here: 


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