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About Us

Arrowhead Charities (a 501c3 organization) has been formed to aid in animal health through community education and fundraising events for animal care in shelter, rescues and needy situations. Arrowhead Charities was formed in June 2016 with the singular goal of helping animals in need. In spite of Pet License requirements in Bartlesville, the area has a large pet over population problem. In an effort to add an additional support, Arrowhead Charities is organized to support in two ways.

Assistance for Pets in Need

Sometimes accidents happen. Unfortunately, not all pet owners have the means to pay for pet medical needs in times of crisis. As donations are accumulated, the Arrowhead Charities Assistance Program will offer financial support for needy pets. Utilization of the program will require approval and proper documentation to qualify.

Events for Shelter and Rescue Pets

To create awareness and funding for groups that tend to the needs of homeless pets we create and host annual fundraising events. Annual events highlights the amazing work that shelters and rescues to on a daily basis. Additionally, these events provide fundraising opportunities for the respective groups. Since time is the biggest commodity in today’s society the organization and hosting of fundraising events is a large ongoing need.

Our big events on May 20th, 2017 will be the:

Doggie Dash

Canine Carnival


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